Turn Your Aquarium Up to 11 With the MetalFish PC Case

China’s MetalFish recently released a new PC case, which it calls the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis. At the bottom of the system lies a Micro-ATX desktop with room for multiple hard drives and GPUs while on top sits a tank of saltwater aquarium where people can keep their fish or other aquatic life. According to MetalFish, this combination will provide users with relaxation [and] peace of mind.

Many computer manufacturers describe the size of their product in Liters, but MetalFish has left this information out for its Y2 FishTank Chassis. With dimensions at 370 x 250 x 290mm (about 27 Liters), if we estimate that only half of the case is reserved for the fish tank, your pet will have about 13 Liters to swim around in.

To stay on the subject of keeping your fish well taken care of, MetalFish bundles in a USB powered pump/filter/oxygenator. The LED light strip we added above the 5mm thick glass pane constructed tank is also said to be tuned for fish and plant health, so you don’t need to worry about it syncing up with those pesky gaming peripherals that are supposed to make you want them more. One thing we know for sure – the case has built-in RGB lighting which can be switched off or modified via a remote control that comes included!

There isn’t any mention of how the fish tank impacts PC cooling, but it might be able to keep your computer cool by absorbing some of its heat. It also seems like this could make the aquarium warm if you’re using your computer while looking at the screen.

As a PC chassis, the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis will allow you to place your preferred micro-atx or mini-itx motherboard inside. Constructed from 1.5mm thick aluminum alloy, this enclosure has mounting locations for up to one 2.5 drive, two 90mm fans situated at the front of the case (included), as well as a cpu cooler height between 0 and 250mm high. Finally, an optional power supply no bigger than 230 x 230 x 86 mm is able to be installed within its interior space.

What may come as a surprise to some, the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis was actually not the firm’s first PC case and fish tank hybrid design. Previous models such as the Fish Cube were also Mini-ITX only designs. The MetalFish Y2 Fish Tank Chassis can be purchased online for an affordable $75 USD in China.

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