Silverstone ML11 Micro ATX Desktop Case Surfaces in China

Silverstone has released a new product in the Milo family which will surely please many people who are looking for something small but powerful. This 10-liter Micro ATX low-profile desktop case is just what you need to find if you’re seeking simple storage solution or want that vintage feel. Seen with two different setups, one as a horizontal desk top and another as a tower – this sleek design features practicality that doesn’t skimp on style.

If you are unfamiliar with Silverstone Cases, the company has an extensive selection of sizes and styles; however, it seems to take a particular liking towards HTPC case designs. It often releases models that are all horizontal desktops, which tend to be more compact than other alternatives. They always look sleek enough not to stand out if placed alongside audio/video equipment. The silverstone Milo ML11 is a prime example of this design philosophy.

Without an official product page for Silverstone, we can only speculate about the specs list. However, based on what we know thus far, it would seem that this is going to be a mid-sized enclosure measuring 330 x 110 x 285mm in terms of dimensions. Capable of holding up to 10.35 liters, there are plenty of options when it comes to your choice of components – four 3.5 drives and six 2.5 drives fit within its confines.

Here you’ll find a Micro ATX motherboard, allowing for plenty of options to choose from when it comes to platforms. With GPUs up to 27 cm long and able to fit inside – perfect for most low-profile single or twin fan cards – this build is perfect for gaming enthusiasts!

Other things you can place inside this 10L machine include a CPU cooler less than or equal to 9 cm in height, two 2.5-inch drives and one 3.5 storage device, an optional slimline optical disk drive, as well as two case fans, maxing out at 8 cm in width. A Flex-ATX power supply will also do the job for this size setup!

The inside of the case was nothing too fancy, with plenty of room for simplicity. There wasn’t much space for intricate or extravagant design either, and it was clearly not made to hold an assortment of expensive components; this is perfect for its role as an HTPC setup.

From the front, one can see that Silverstone has given this case a provision for an upper-central positioned slimline optical disc drive (ODD). In doing so, they fit in with consumers who use this case as a Home Theater PC. There are five USB ports on the back right side of the computer – four along the bottom row and one just above them. To the left of them is a headphone jack, followed by a power button that also doubles as an activity indicator light.

This compact Micro ATX PC Case can be bought for around $45 on the Chinese retail website. It has an unknown price outside of China at this time.

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