This 1900 Euro PC Case Features Huge Radiators on Each Side Panel

German overclocker Der8auer has just reviewed an incredibly pricey water-cooling-focused computer chassis that costs approximately 1,900 euros. The Regner case hails from Germany and features two immensely large radiators built into the side panels which are perfect for those with high ambitions when it comes to water cooling configurations.

In my opinion, the Regner offers unparalleled cooling options for those looking for a spacious build. With radiator placement spanning all four panels, there will never be a shortage of room for airflow. Furthermore, the inclusion of three 140mm Quiet Wings 3 fans guarantees that your PC will always stay cool even when you demand it to work harder than ever before.

This means the radiators themselves will rely on a passive cooling system to prevent overheating, much like those found in typical servers. Airflow would be carried out by chassis fans in conjunction with this semi-passive cooling design for maximum efficiency when compared to traditional radiators.

The interior is designed to house a dual-chamber PC build. One room will be filled with components including the motherboard, CPU, RAM, and M.2 Storage; while in another room resides the graphics card and extra 2.5 Storage Bays. A PCIe riser cable connects this computer’s power supply from one side of the case to the other, where it connects to the GPU via PCIe slot for optimal performance.

In this configuration, one side panel will be responsible for cooling the CPU or motherboard, depending on the type of processor block being used. The other side panel will be responsible for cooling the graphics card. However, we are not sure if both radiators are designed to act independently of each other and provide separate cooling loops; or whether there is only one unifying custom loop design installed among them all.

The Regner includes most of the cooling components you’ll need; such as the tubing and an EKWB EK-Loop DDC 4.2 PWM pump. You will need to buy CPU blocks, a reservoir, and other hardware separately.

From the outside, it looked sleek and slim. If I hadn’t known what it was beforehand, I would’ve thought this was a factory-designed laptop. Twin side panels had huge fins circling them, going from top to bottom and left to right. A clean and pristine black finish was made for the front of the case where no other features were adorned aside from the power button, with all ports – including USB Type A and C – being at the top corner along with two jacks for audio input (one on each side).

There is no question that the biggest challenge for this case will be its high price tag. At 1,899 Euros on the Regner Cooling Website, it becomes one of the priciest cases we’ve seen yet

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