Open Frame PC Case Launches with Monitor Mounting

While we all want our PCs to look as neat as possible, there are still always loose cables and cords lying around. This is just one of many issues when it comes to assembling these computers; no one wants to deal with them every time they need to clean out their rig. So, Nagao Corp has come up with a solution – the N-Frame open-air chassis. This will allow us to keep things looking fresh while also maintaining the serviceability of this product without having those pesky wires getting in the way.

Nagao Technologies is a Japan-based company that specializes in open frames for multiple motherboard sizes. Nagao’s newest addition to their collection is the N-Frame OP01 Monitor Mounting Bracket, which can combine with an open frame chassis for ATX, microATX or mini ITX motherboards and create a fully built-out DIY all-in light gaming PC. Equipped with 75×75 and 100×100 VESA mounts, this mount works seamlessly with the company’s existing line of products – including handles on some models – making it easy to create fun, custom gaming rigs at home or over at parties!

A LAN party-grade PC will probably not be the most compact. Nevertheless, it will undeniably look intriguing, be easily accessible, and have no airflow problems. In addition, the case supports all graphics cards regardless of size or heat production. Naturally, graphic card compatibility depends on what kind of PSU is being used. However, since there are a variety of different PSUs that this PC can use – its casing has access to all types of graphics boards currently available today. 

One other thing to keep in mind when designing the desktop system is balancing its weight with the display. This can be tricky because it’s difficult to know how much stuff will go on the desk until after it has been designed. 

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