EVGA E1 Chassis Frame Costs $1600

EVGA’s carbon fiber, open-air PC Case, the E1 Chassis Frame, is now available for purchase. First revealed back in January, this design has been shrouded in mystery – until today. From what we know so far, it seems as if the E1 will consist of little more than a frame built out of carbon fibre and anchored by steel cables to support your motherboard.

The starting cost of this innovative design is quite expensive – no one can deny it; it starts at around $1,600 for just the base chassis and VR Kit setup, which might even be too much for some people. But don’t fear too much; if you want to spend just as much as necessary then there are kits available all the way up to a shocking $4,999 or so. And yet, this very same base model at its cheapest price still leaves many experiencing love at first sight.

It is worth noting that the E1 series has been constructed with premium materials. EVGA claims that the frame was made entirely out of 3K plain weave carbon fiber; this same material is also found in high-performance sports cars, which gives them excellent attributes such as lightweight and strength. When looking at it closely one can easily see how beautiful this craftsmanship really is. To an untrained eye, it might look like polished brass or steel tubing – but once you get closer, you will realize how the true nature behind these elegant yet sophisticated frames are plainly visible.

There are three different EVGA E1 kits on sale. The cheapest option is called the EVGA E1 Kit 2 and it comes at a cost of $2,499.The most expensive option, worth $5,999, is called the EVGA E1 Bare Bones. For this price, you get nothing but the computer itself – requiring that you purchase other components separately such as a hard drive or motherboard if needed.

Potential buyers of the $4,999 EVGA E1 can study expansion options by reading our EVGA Z690 Dark KingPin E-ATX motherboard review from earlier this month. This well-rounded overclocking–focused board should satisfy most enthusiasts so long as they do not need RGB (it is dark), and so long as three M.2 storage slots are enough.

Another pricey part of the EVGA E1 Bare Bones is its GeForce RTX 3090 Ti KingPin GPU, which we haven’t had a chance to take out for testing yet.

Those who want to purchase the EVGA E1 kits, which go up to $4999 depending on customization, may do so today – though it will take 3-4 weeks before they are shipped. For such an expensive product it is strange there would be such a long wait time; however they’re adding free expedited shipping until December 31st of this year as well as throwing in a premium carrying case (normally worth $800) with each order.

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