Cooler Master Launches Airflow-Focused PC Cases With Aggressive Front Ends

At CES 2018, Cooler Master unveiled the MasterBox 5 and MasterBox 5t, two new cases that focus on airflow and clean lines as opposed to RGB lighting and tempered glass side panels. The new cases are a departure from the typical design language that most PC cases have embraced over the past several years, but they have one thing in common with their predecessors: they’re not nearly as ugly as they appear at first glance.

Cooler Master announces the release of two new cases in their MasterCase Series, the MasterCase 5 and the MasterCase Pro 3. The new cases are focused on providing users with increased airflow and more aggressive front faces than most other PC cases on the market. Both cases are expected to be available at retail and online retailers in early March 2016, with MSRPs of $149 and $199 respectively.

Cooler Master has launched two new PC cases, the H500P and the H500M, both of which feature an aggressive front-end design and promote airflow throughout their chassis as one of their main selling points. Both cases are made primarily out of plastic but have an appealing style and come in black, red, or white color options. As such, both seem like good options for gamers who want to add a lot of lighting to their PCs but prefer not to build in an open-air chassis.

Airflow-Focused PC Cases From Cooler Master: How to Optimize Your Gaming Rig

Cooler Master has recently added two new products to their lineup of computer cases, the H500P and H500M, both of which emphasize increased airflow over most other design factors. If you’re looking for cases that will help your PC run as cool and efficiently as possible, this could be just the pair you need! Here are the details on these new cases from Cooler Master, as well as some ways to make sure your own gaming rig is at its coolest.

For gamers, the design of their computer case can mean the difference between winning and losing. There are lots of PC cases to choose from, but Cooler Master’s new lineup takes personalization and airflow to the next level with aggressive front panels, top-mounted fans and cooling vents throughout that make it easier than ever to customize your gaming rig. Read on for details about each case in the lineup and advice on how to maximize airflow in your computer with these new cases from Cooler Master.

Today, Cooler Master unveiled the first new cases in its MasterCase series of gaming desktops in over two years. These mid-tower and full-tower cases look very similar to their predecessors on the outside, but are designed to be very different on the inside. Cooler Master has decided to focus on airflow and even went as far as to say airflow first, everything else second while designing these new cases.

What is an airflow-focused computer case?

An airflow-focused computer case is designed for people who want to control their own airflow. These cases are typically open from the front and back, which allows air to flow in from the front of the case and out at the rear. Cooler Master’s new cases use three different colors: white, black, and yellow. On its Airflow Pro models, the company has also included a fan controller. It includes five 120 mm fans, one 200 mm fan, and two 230 mm fans. In addition to their external appearance, these cases have internal design features that will be appealing to gamers looking for a high-performance build.

Things to Consider When Buying a Case

The best PC case for you is the one that fits your style and needs. If you’re a gamer, a sleek minimalistic design might be what you want. Or if you’re into overclocking, something that has plenty of space and ventilation. It’s all about figuring out what’s important to you and finding the case that will suit your needs the best. You won’t miss out on nuances between models if you don’t pay attention. Rather than you having to do the research, we’ve done it for you!  

Best Budget Case for Overclocking

The Cooler Master Elite 130 is the newest addition to their lineup of budget cases. The Elite 130’s front panel looks like a mashup of two previously released Cooler Master cases, the Elite 110 and the Elite 120. The case offers three 5.25 drive bays, two 3.5 drive bays, an open bay for 2.5 drives, and four hidden 3.5 drive bays in the PSU shroud at the bottom of the case.

Small ATX Case

The newest member of the MasterCase family is a mid-tower, ATX case that features an aggressive front panel design and ample airflow courtesy of three preinstalled fans. The MCYT3P0A supports radiators up to 360mm in size and offers plenty of cable management space for those looking to keep their builds neat and tidy. Additionally, four SSD trays are included and the power supply shroud is designed to accommodate modular power supplies up to 200mm long.

Mid-Range Full Tower Case

The Cooler Master C700P is the company’s first-ever mid-tower chassis to feature a full-side panel window. The case is aimed at gamers and enthusiasts who want to show off their high-end hardware, as well as overclockers who need access to all of their motherboard’s slots and ports. There are also three 140mm cooling fans at the front, two 120mm fans at the top, and one 120mm fan at the rear of the case.


PC cases are an integral part of every PC build and Cooler Master has released a new line of cases focused on maximizing airflow. The aggressive front ends will ensure your parts stay cool and the large mesh side panels will allow for maximum ventilation. These cases are perfect for those who want to keep their system running at peak performance, even after years of use.

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