be quiet! FX Coolers and Cases Dial Up the RGB

be quiet! has always been known for their high-quality and silent gaming cases and CPU coolers, with their Silent Base series of cases being some of the most popular in the enthusiast community. Their latest lineup of case fans and CPU coolers brings RGB lighting to the equation, providing users with more style options and convenience than ever before, with two new product series – the Pure Wings 2 RGB fans and Dark Rock 4 CPU coolers – being released in early 2017.

When they be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 launched in 2016, it ushered in the era of premium PC cases with RGB lighting, and it was more than just a gimmick to make PC gamers happy. In fact, rather than adorning just the front panel of the case with RGB lighting, be quiet!

be quiet! Has expanded its range of RGB lighting options, with the launch of its new be quiet! Silent Base 600 and Silent Base 900 cases, as well as their all-new Pure Rock CPU cooler, which features RGB lighting and uses four straight Heatpipe Direct Touch 8 mm heat pipes (making it one of the most effective coolers on the market). We had some hands-on time with be quiet!

FX Coolers and Cases Give You the Power to Turn Up the RGB

Today, be quiet! announced two new additions to their award-winning lineup of chassis and CPU coolers, the Pure Rock Slim and Dark Base Pro 900 RGB. Both models feature high-performance cooling solutions and full RGB lighting with Aura Sync compatibility, giving gamers the ability to customize their builds in a way never before possible. Read on to learn more about these revolutionary products!

German PC components manufacturer be quiet! offers fans of RGB lighting an extra level of flexibility with their new be quiet! GeForce RTX and Radeon RX graphics card cooler lineup, the Pure Rock, Dark Rock Pro 4, and Shadow Rock 2. We take these coolers to task in this article to see what they’re made of and how they compare to other offerings on the market today.

Color control has been a staple of PC hardware since the days of the beige box, and that still holds true today. Whether you’re building, upgrading or retrofitting your PC, one thing is certain: you’re going to want to dial in some RGB lighting. These days there are numerous ways to do it; from simple RGB LED light strips to full-on RGB cases and coolers, you have plenty of options to ensure your system’s look is on point.

The History of be quiet!

The company was founded in Germany in 2002 as PC P&C, trading under a variety of names including King Mod and Schneider Electronics. In 2007, PC P&C ceased its retail operations to focus on developing, manufacturing, marketing and selling its own products under its own brands. The new name for PC Power & Cooling was ‘be quiet’.

The Brand Today

be quiet! is a German manufacturer of high-performance CPU coolers, computer cases, and power supplies. In 2018, be quiet! Showed that it wasn’t a one-trick pony in terms of product offerings by introducing its first full line of PC cases. The company’s new case lineup included four models: two mid-tower cases (the Dark Base Pro 900 and Silent Base 800), as well as two smaller form factors (SFF) chassis (the Silent Base 600 and Pure Base 600). The three mid-tower models are designed to be used with water cooling systems, while the SFF options are all compatible with air cooling only. All four models feature a black exterior finish with silver accents on both sides of their front panels.

Introducing the CM-RGB 4.0

be quiet! Has announced its new flagship 4.0 CPU cooler, bringing improved cooling performance for high-performance processors, with maximum heat dissipation of 400W. The CM-RGB 4.0 includes a CPU block and an optional backplate, alongside everything you need to easily connect it to your motherboard. It’s compatible with all current AM4 socket motherboards, including those from ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte, and MSI. With support for both AMD’s Ryzen series CPUs and Intel’s Coffee Lake chipsets (including Z370), there is no shortage of compatibility. 

Introducing the Silent Base 800

For years, be quiet! has been known for its all-around solid build quality and a focus on silence. And while they’re known for their cases, that doesn’t mean they can’t do cooling quite well. Today, we are looking at two new thermal solutions: The Silent Base 800 Full Tower CPU cooler and a 360 mm dual radiator full tower closed loop water cooler.

Introducing Pure Base 600

The Pure Base 600 from be quiet! is a mid-tower computer chassis that feature an exterior covered by tempered glass. The base of it is made from a combination of aluminum and steel, which gives it added durability when compared to other models made entirely out of either aluminum or steel. Other features include an interior hard drive bracket with anti-vibration padding, a built-in fan controller, and four USB 3.0 ports on the front panel.

Match Your Colors with 3D Printed Trim Kits

To be quiet!’s 3D Printed Trim Kits are officially licensed products with lifetime guarantees, to help you pick a color scheme that matches your hardware inside or outside your case. Each kit has been designed by our team in Germany to match our line of premium products like Pure Wings 2 140 mm fans or Silent Wings 3 120 mm fans. You can choose between black, white, red or green trim kits depending on whether you prefer a more subtle approach to lighting, or if you want something bolder.


RGB lighting is rapidly becoming ubiquitous among PC enthusiasts. From keyboards to chassis, fans to peripherals, color-changing LEDs are everywhere—and we’re not complaining. In fact, we’re downright excited about them. Why? Because they’re just so damn cool. But that doesn’t mean they don’t come with tradeoffs. Sure, you can see your keyboard in a dark room.

But if it has too many lights on it, or if those lights change colors when you don’t want them to (like during an intense gaming session), then that’s a problem. That’s where be quiet! comes in. The company recently unveiled its new lineup of high-end cases and cooling solutions equipped with Aura Sync technology for seamless RGB integration into any system build…

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