AeroCool Skribble Case Invites PC DIYers to Create Some Art

AeroCool Skribble Case Features DIY Artwork For Your PC Case This upcoming February, AeroCool will be launching an interesting new product, which could put its name at the forefront of the DIY (do-it-yourself) case market. The new product is called the Skribble Case, and as you can tell from the photo above, it features an area on its front panel where customers can design their own artwork using markers that are included in the case.

AeroCool’s new Skribble case allows PC DIYers to create their own designs on the front panel. The flexible painting surface allows users to use anything from dry erase markers to paint pens to create their own designs, which will last as long as you want them to—until you feel like redecorating, anyway. There are several patterns included in the box, such as an alpine pattern and a geometric pattern, but users can also just create their own unique art that reflects their individual style.

Build it, and they will come! That’s pretty much the motto of PC case modders, who spend hours (and lots of money) to build beautiful PCs that are just begging to be admired. But what if the case itself inspires you? The new Skribble series from computer hardware manufacturer AeroCool does just that; with an open-frame design that provides plenty of room to add your own flare, you might never want to leave your computer building bench again!

Let Your Imagination Soar with the AeroCool Skribble Case

If you’re the type of person that loves to express your creativity through crafting, consider adding the Skribble Case from AeroCool to your creative toolbox. This case allows you to decorate its front and back covers with markers, crayons, or any other medium you wish and then display it proudly on your desk. The case also comes with some colorful frames and stickers so you can further customize it to match your personality. Check out our full review of the AeroCool Skribble Case and see how much fun it is to decorate your PC!

If you’re the creative sort, you know how difficult it can be to find the motivation to get started on your next great project. But what if inspiration were right at your fingertips? That’s the idea behind AeroCool’s new Skribble case, an affordable product that invites users to add their own spin on the design of their desktop computer.

If you have artistic talent that you think deserves to be seen, AeroCool’s new Skribble case may be just what you need to display your work and turn your creativity into cash. We were able to get our hands on one of these one-of-a-kind computer cases, and we were impressed with the design and build quality.

How does it work?

The AeroCool Skribble case is the perfect tool for creatives and gamers alike. The case design is simple and makes it easy to put your own designs on any surface you want, be it an old monitor or a new one. All you need to do is print out any design with a resolution of 300 dpi, cut it out, and then use the included double-sided adhesive tape to paste your design onto the back of the case. It’s that easy!

Accessories Included

The kit includes everything you need to start: a Skribble graphics card with pre-cut vinyl, stencils, a squeegee and an instruction manual. The backplate is reversible black/gray, which allows the user to create any design they want on the front panel by using the included white vinyl. To get started, peel off the backing of your favorite design in one piece and place it on the cutting mat.

Use your favorite graphics editing software to cut out your pattern from your computer screen. (Most templates are designed for two color designs.) Once you have cut out your template, place it on top of the clear film in place of where it will be placed on the front of your case. Make sure all edges line up correctly before removing both pieces together as one piece from the cutting mat.

Quick Start Guide

The AeroCool Skribble Case is an art installation that invites PC DIYers of all ages and abilities to create some art. The case includes a complete custom liquid cooling kit, RGB lighting and a high-definition camera that captures it all. The end result will be a personalized, one-of-a-kind work of art for your desktop.

Performance and Thermals

The first thing you will notice when you take the Skribble case out of its box is that it’s light. A full 3 pounds lighter than other cases on the market. This is because the AeroCool only uses a single layer of metal which reduces weight while maintaining rigidity and structural integrity. The second thing you’ll notice is that, unlike many other cases, the Aerocool doesn’t come with any included fans. This is intentional as it lets users customize their cooling for their specific needs.

Final Thoughts

The AeroCool Skribble case is a great way for PC DIYers and artists to unleash their creativity on a computer case. It’s affordable, easy to use, and offers endless customization options. If you’re looking for something new in the computer world, this is it. The color selection alone makes the choice of what you can do with your computer limited only by your imagination! So what are you waiting for? Head over to Newegg or Amazon and buy one today!

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